The mystery of the hair that won’t grow, SOLVED!

Have you ever had your hair coloured only for your roots to start showing a few weeks later, yet your hair seems to be stuck at shoulder length.

We understand how frustrating it can be if you're trying to grow your hair, but it just won't grow!

RE:NU is about to solve the mystery of the hair that won’t grow , firstly ..


Hair grows at an average rate of half an inch every month. That means the average person's hair grows

about 6 inches every year. If your hair is not receiving enough nutrients and is breaking off at the same rate,


your hair will stay the same length... until you change your habits! RE:NU founder Leigh-Anne Regan


“I’ve experienced this very same problem in the past, what changed it for me was a number of things, but the

first was taking care of myself from the inside. I started to take Viviscal hair tablets to replace any nutrients I

  might be missing. I have continued to take these by fitting them into my lifestyle - not only did my hair

improve dramatically, but my eyelashes and my skin looked incredible.”



 wash your hair with steaming hot water, upside down , quickly apply shampoo and conditioner, rinse it off, brush all the tangles out, and proceed to aggressively towel-dry your hair before blow drying and straightening it.

Sound familiar? yea we’ve all been there, but honestly all of these are terrible habits and they all contribute to your hair weakening, breaking, and thinning!

How should we do it ?

Use a tangle tweezer to Brush your hair BEFORE washing it, to completely detangle it .

Next, washing your hair with Your head upside down is likely to cause tangles and brushing tangled when the hair is wet is the easiest way to break your hair.  

When washing your hair, be sure to take the extra time to leave your conditioner in for a few minutes. And once a week use a deep conditioning mask , if you don’t already do this ! Honestly give it a go you will notice the difference in hair growth quickly.

And now on to the aggressively drying hair with a towel , try this instead

, pat your hair to remove excess water  and leave your hair to air dry. Then, brush your hair once it is half dried, apply your hair creme or hair oil, and before you even think of heat styling, be sure to protect your beautiful locks with a heat protectant spray.

Use your hairdryer on medium heat until the hair is 95% dry and use full heat to smooth through once the majority of water is gone from the hair. We reccomend using Ghd air for the most protective and optimum heat styling results.