B E Y O N D : B L O N D E

What you need to know:

B E Y O N D  B L O N D E  is for someone who loves being bright but does not want to take it to the next step of a scalp bleach, as you still enjoy that lived in feel and you like to leave your hair a while in between appointments. Most importantly it’s for someone that has a good home hair care regime (keeping on top of hair health is a must with all pre lightening services). 

This technique sits in between highlights and a scalp bleach. With highlights you have more natural within in the colour leaving a softer result. If you are someone that loves being super blonde loves the boldness and can keep on top of a 4 to 6 week colour regime then scalp bleach is for you!! 

This colour is great because you can be super blonde without having a strong regrowth as your due your next colour! So you don’t need to have a full head done each time.


Have your B E Y O N D  B L O N D E  In December so you are feeling bright for winter (prices  from £232.00)

8/15 weeks later - FACE FRAME AND SIDES (from £96.00)A face frame is the perfect way to brighten around the face in between these appointments without having to spend to much time in the salon so is a great pick me up. 

6 -9 months after original colour - TOP UP ( from £100.00)

We create this program and technique to not only keep costs minimum but to keep hair quality strong and healthy so that blondes can stay sustainably brighter for longer .

A consultation is required for all our colour services. Within the consultation we will discuss if  B E Y O N D  B L O N D E  is for you! We will look at suitability, hair health, hair care, maintenance and your day to day regime. Skin test are also a must before you have a colour service here at RE:NU!!!  At this point we will give you a bespoke quote all depending on time needed. (be prepared for a nice relaxing day at the salon with us for your first  B E Y O N D  B L O N D E !!) 


Leighanne Regan